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Superior Service is Everyday Event Support Professional Photography

We support you from the time your photo date is booked to long after your organization's pictures are delivered with:
• Customized program features
• Personalized scheduling assistance
• Online preordering
• PDF and pre-printed forms
• Specialized envelopes
• Customer service on site and in office M-F
• Delivery options to parents, coaches or division coordinators

Event day is when you really see us shine. We provide staff appropriate to manage your event, based on size and need. Whatever the size of your organization, we’ve got your back.

Players and parents receive professional treatment, which shows on the field and in your photos. At Legends, quality starts with people. Our photographers go through Legends’ specialized training before they capture an image, and we use the right photo equipment for premium results.

Photography Agreements
You Choose!

One year...
Multi years...
We offer customized agreements to each of our leagues.
Why should it be different for you?
Let us know what you like, need and want.


Using electronic forms are not only easy to distribute for your organization they also streamline the event, which also makes for happy mommies & daddies.

Help Your
Organization Grow

Choosing Legends as your photography provider has the immediate benefits of great products and services, and over time increases photo program participation creating larger fundraisers. And our free products for sponsors and coaches help promote your organization in your community.
Ask us how!


Legends knows that everyone wants their photo products as soon as possible. Kids exchange their trading cards, Moms wear the photo buttons, and sponsors proudly display their plaques. Legends makes it happen with the most dependable delivery.

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