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OK, we make it look easy, the truth is,
we incorporate 30 years of experience and
innovation in the operation of your photo event.
That’s why we are New York's preferred
Youth Sports photography Company.

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Legends at Work!

The Team

Our success story is one we are proud of. Started as a home business, with simply a camera and a dream, we have grown from working with our first client to handling a diverse group of over 150+ clientele. It's all about social media and hashtags these days, but we still believe in fostering one-on-one personal relationships with clients the old fashion way: by getting to know them.



Office Manager

Unique ideas and innovation is her signature style. You’ll find her heavily involved with office productivity, designing, aiding clients with parent communications & coordinating events on and off the field.

Randy Bince

Head of photography

As a designer he obsesses over color and image placement, as a photographer he continues the never ending pursuit of light control. When not behind the camera he allows his investigative, inquisitive mind to ponder about data & analytics.


Customer Service

Her voice is heard first and foremost when you call our office. Customer service is her game and she loves helping people, responding to your calls and emails. If you’re a customer in need of service, you’ve reached your destination.

Chris & Nancy


In 1986 Chris who at the time was a commercial photographer in Manhattan was asked to photograph his cousins youth soccer program in Brooklyn. Chris would soon find himself inspired by the joy he experienced working with kids in youth sports. He saw an opportunity to make a positive difference in children’s lives by using his commercial photo skills to create professional images that made them feel good and look like the Pro's they looked up to. It quickly became what we know today as Legends Sports Photography. With millions of children captured and mementos created Chris is proud of his contribution to the industry and to the families Legends has supported for over 30 years.

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Premier Products for
Your Organization

Our products feature unique, exciting and professional graphic designs. They incorporate individualized features like player's stats, customized with your league’s logo! Check out our Products Section and see..


An excellent photo makes for an even more memorable memory. We believe in this concept so much we are one of the only few youth photography companies that shoot a raw file before processing it into a beautiful jpeg. It takes more effort, but that’s what separates us from everyone else.

Quality you can't
help but like

To get your thumbs up, we’ve made it part of our core values and developed habits that ensure quality from every department in our process.

B.I.P. guarantee.

What's a B.I.P.? We'll it simply means the best image possible. We are the experts and if you're not happy with your photos we give you 4 months to return them for a full refund no questions.

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